Where I Would Rather be!

1. New York ♥


New York is a place that I really want to see! In fact I think it is a place that everyone wants to see or visit. Like who would turn down a trip to New York ? You would have to be crazy if you did! Just the city 😍 I live in a city now but nothing as gorgeous as this ❤️

2. Santorini ♥


Santorini is another place that I just really want to visit. It looks so gorgeous and peaceful – like a really good place for a holiday!

3. Brighton/London ♥


Brighton is just amazing ! It is just such a cosy little place by the seaside that would make you feel at home. The cute little shops and the pier 😍 I am defiantly going to have to be saving my money haha.

Tell me your 3 favourite places that you want to visit or have visited in the comments and thank you for reading I really appreciate it ❤️

Makenna Rose xxx

Hello world!

Hi I’m Makenna.

I’ve decided to start a blog.
The main reason of starting this blog is to share my photos and thoughts. I know there are many other different types of social media websites that I could do this on like Instagram and Facebook, but I think that Instagram and Facebook are just about your friends commenting or liking the the things that you post – when most of the time they probably don’t even look at it. If you get me?

So that is why I wanted to start a blog and hope that people will read it 😐

Thank you for reading ( if anyone actually did haha ) and let me know if is a good idea or not 😐

Makenna Rose xx